About Dr. Gulwadi

About Dr. Gulwadi

Dr.Gulwadi is a board certified psychiatrist by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Gulwadi received her medical education at the Kasturba Medical College, which is a very prestigious medical school in India. Her training includes completing an internship year in India, a year and a half of training at the Wright State University Family Medicine Residency program, followed by Psychiatry residency program at the St Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia and St Joseph Mercy hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her training includes a fellowship program on electroconvulsive therapy at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center, PA. She has done a fellowship training program on psychotherapy at the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute, MI and is a member at this institute for ongoing education in advanced Psychotherapy. She has been working in Ypsilanti/ Ann Arbor area since 2015. Prior to starting her private practice office, she was as an attending psychiatrist at the Behavioral Health inpatient Unit at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor. She continued to be connected to this hospital system as a contigengent psychiatrist helping cover the calls on the unit. She has experience working with college mental health issues with her current work at the Eastern Michigan University- Counselling and Psychological services clinic in Ypsilanti,MI where she works part time on the days she is not at her private practice location.

Services Offered

Initial visits will include a comprehensive evaluation and consultation. After that, she works in collaboration with her patients with developing a treatment plan for their current clinical condition and needs. The decisions are made in collaboration with patients about treatment with psychotherapy, or psychotropic medication management, or the combination of treatments, at a pace that they feel comfortable with.

Her treatment model includes helping the patients in their path of living more fulfilling lives and making positive changes in their lives, while managing and monitoring their clinical needs. She believes in developing a relationship with her patients and helping them with recognizing and changing some of their unhelpful and unhealthy behavior patterns. Her work includes looking at the relationship between mental health, physical health, women’s issues, nutrition, spirituality, cultural background, grief, loss, childhood, development, sense of identity and individuality. She draws on a variety of psychotherapy approaches including psychodynamic therapy, supportive therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy.

If medications are something that the patient prefers as a part of treatment and is considered appropriate for treatment, she will provide an extensive detailed discussion about diagnosis and medication options to the patients. She prescribes based on current evidence based psychotropic medication-based treatment model with careful attention to the patient’s medical condition including looking at their physical health, their other medications and psychosocial history.

Services also include providing consultation visits for diagnostic clarification and medication management for patients who are working with another therapist. She works on a collaborative approach with the patient’s current therapist in providing appropriate care for these patients. Some patients need medication management treatment with a psychiatrist and psychotherapy treatment with another therapist or psychiatrist. In such cases, she helps you with referral to appropriate clinician who does psychotherapy work.

She also provides medication management appointments for patients who are stabilized on medications and want to regularly monitor and manage their treatment. If the patient has other medical issues along with psychiatric issues, she works with their primary care doctor and other medical specialists in providing a comprehensive care for the patient.

In some cases, patients have treatment resistant psychiatric illness, where they have already tried different medication therapies and have not felt many benefits or had issues with tolerating them. In such cases, our office can help you with the genetic testing consultation. Through these genetic testing, prescription drugs can be adjusted or modified based on what is more tolerable to your unique genetic factors.

Additional Information About the Practice

Dr. Gulwadi is a provider of outpatient, office based and non-emergent services. Since this is a small practice, it is not equipped to manage psychiatric conditions that require urgent care or 24/7 treatment or other forms of intensive services.

Certain patients with recurrent crisis in their mental health conditions require a large team and multiple providers from various disciplines (e.g. psychiatric subspecialists, case managers, social workers, psychologists, etc.) and this type of care is not available at this location since it is a small practice. Other services not provided at this location are - Court-related testimony, paperwork or mandated treatment, treatment of minors (<18 years old), long term disability assessments.

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